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An easy to understand guide that will teach you the basics of a wholesome pregnancy diet so you can begin nourishing yourself and your baby as soon as possible.

  • 100% online, easily accessible and completed in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

  • Audible lessons about nutrient dense foods and the best proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to eat while pregnant.

  • Eight modules providing you tools to support a healthy, whole food diet for yourself as well as the entire family.

If you’ve heard the phrase “healthy mother, healthy baby” it is profoundly true.

However, somewhere between our ancestral history and modern life we forgot about the mother. We forgot that the mother needs optimal nutrients for her body before, during and after pregnancy. We forgot that she needs tremendous support during these very important chapters of her life in so many ways. Somehow, today, most mothers have to figure things out all on their own, without a tribe or circle of support. I am here to tell you that knowing what to eat while pregnant doesn't have to be a mystery or confusing any more.
If you’ve heard the phrase “healthy mother, healthy baby” it is profoundly true.

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Everytime you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body

My goal is to empower and educate so you can make healthy food choices for you, your growing baby as well as your entire family. Your body has an innate intelligence - all you need to do is fuel it correctly.
Everytime you eat is an opportunity to nourish your body


  • Nicole Harris

    Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition

    Nicole Harris

    Nicole is a Certified Clinician in Whole Food Nutrition passionate in helping women, children and families achieve health, happiness and joy through a nourishing diet and lifestyle. Nicole began her career in the fashion and entertainment industries in New York City maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and support for Fashion Designers, Celebrities and CEOs. She has taken her previous experience and has channeled it into holistic health, working with like-minded individuals wanting to help others get back to their roots, find true wellbeing and create a happier and healthier world for generations to come.

Bonus material

  • Meal Inspiration

    Jump start your way to healthy eating with a 3-Day Menu that includes simple and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas.

  • Additional Resources

    Additional resources to help you further your research in holistic prenatal care, healthy pregnancy eating, postpartum care and motherhood.

  • Nourished Food Pantry List

    A downloadable PDF of staple pantry items that will help fuel your pregnancy diet and create long-lasting healthy eating habits for you and the entire family.

You have the ability to achieve your happiest, healthiest pregnancy and bring a thriving, beautiful baby into this world.

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